Monday, April 25, 2011

Pleather vs. Leather

So one trend i've noticed recently is that there seems to be a lot of pleather goods out there; bags, jackets, shoes, etc. It seems to be harder and harder to find good quality leather products these days. Are environmental freaks to blame for this? The worse part is that even though these products are made of crappy quality, retailers are charging leather prices for some of them. For example, there was this cute Guess jacket I saw made of what I thought was black leather. No, it was actually made of black pleather but you'd never know it from the price tag. It cost $128! Why would I pay that much for something that's basically made of plastic? I want something that's going to last me. If I wanted to buy crap, I would expect to pay cheaper prices. I feel like recently, everyone's been trained to pay high prices for crap products. It's sad really but I refuse to give into this trend.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Magic 8 Ball

So one of my favorite apps on my phone is the Magic 8 Ball app. Why? Well, first off, it reminds me of my days on the chatrooms after I'd discovered the beauty of the internet. The chatrooms I'd frequent (The Megadiner and The Tavern) had a command where you could ask the Magic 8 ball a question. Those were the good ol' days!

Secondly, I like to ask it questions as if it truly knows the answer to what I am asking. A lot of times (like right now), I'll be sitting on the train trying to make a decision about something so I'll consult the ol' 8 ball. Is it stupid? Maybe a little, but I can be easily amused.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Single and Unemployed

So the two things I want more than anything right now are a job and a boyfriend. The funny thing is that the process of acquiring either one is actually quite similar. Dating is like interviewing for a job. You go out, get to know the person, try to impress them and then hope that you interested them enough to ask you out again.

Right now I'm not sure which is more difficult to attain. I've been unsuccessful at both recently so I'm not feeling very good about things. In fact today I've been especially unmotivated. Blah, I'm going to bed now (keep in mind that it's 5pm).

Friday, March 25, 2011

I wonder...

So being that I am currently unemployed, I have plenty of free time to do as I please. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on how productive I am. I tend to get easily distracted and will spend hours on Yelp or other websites. I've been trying to go running more because I can fell myself getting fatter by the minute. Anyway, free time also means lots of time for me to ponder about things. The other day I was thinking about how every decision you make affects your life and how some decisions, although you may not realize it at the time, can completely change your life's course. I think back to my days in Florida and there are a couple of choices I made that altered my life forever. Sometimes it's about things that you do, or don't do, or people that you meet. I find myself wondering "what if..." and where I would be right now had I made a different choice than the one I did. I don't dwell on these things, but it's interesting how life is like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. I only wish life came with a manual where you could skip ahead to different outcomes so you could make the best choice.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is a date?

So as you all know, I'm not a big fan of dating in the city. It hasn't quite been the best experience for me but being that I'm staying here, I'm giving it another shot.

One of the things that I can't stand about dating is that half the time I'm not sure what's a date and what is not. I mean I guess the word date means something different to everyone. To me, a date is when someone asks you out, whether it be to dinner/drinks or whatever, and they pay for it. These days that definition seems to be so obsolete, at least in my experience. Perhaps I'm attracting the wrong kind of guys. I don't know but there have only been a select few that have been gentlemen about it. I mean, I always offer to pay for my food/drinks but if someone asks me out, I expect him to pay. It's all just very confusing and frustrating. All I know is that first impressions are everything and if a guy throws the bill in front of my face after he asked me out and it wasn't even expensive ($20 really?) I'm out. And yes, that really happened to me.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Change of Heart

So I obviously haven't updated this blog in a while. A lot has happened since my last post but before anything I just wanted to make my official announcement that I will not be moving to CA after all. I went out there set to find an apartment and during the trip, I had several realizations that made me ultimately decided to stay in NYC. The only bad part about all this is that now I am job hunting which has been a bit of a slow process but I'm trying to make the best of the situation. I've been enjoying my free time as much as possible. It's been nice to be able to do things on the weekends. Working in retail I was rarely off on Saturdays and Sundays so it's been nice having a bit of a life.

Anyway, now that I have all the time in the world, I should be able to update this blog on a more consistent basis. Well, we'll see how that goes. ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want for Xmas...

This year has gone by quite fast. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. The sad thing is that it doesn't even feel like it to me. Maybe it's because I have no one special in my life right now. It's like they say, it's not where you are but who you're with, and right now it's just me. I've been feeling especially lonely lately but I've been trying not to think about it and instead keep busy with planning my escape from the Big Apple. I don't think I could stay here another year and maintain my sanity. I've just been unhappy here. Sure there have been some good times, but overall, it's just not what I am looking for. The time had come for me to break up with NYC. It should all be finalized in mid February. I have a new year in a new city to look forward to. Hopefully this will be where I will find my one, or where he will find me.